GE's American Competitiveness: What Works Showcase

I recently had the opportunity to tackle a huge challenge, producing an excessive amount of media over the course of four days for mega-corporation, General Electric. They hosted a showcase of innovation here in Washington, DC called "American Competitiveness: What Works" during February 13th-16th, 2012 and I was contracted to produce all of the ENG-style material to be used internally & externally.

It was a huge project, so I hired a crack team of aids to help take the burden of shooting (mostly) off of me, freeing me up to do the massive amount of editing and directing needed to get the job done. My team included Riaz Virani, Caleb Brown, Dustin Oakley and Kate Robards.

Without them, this most certainly wouldn't have been possible, but thanks to their assistance, CitizenA produced 34 separate published & public videos and we shot 19 other interviews, an hour-long panel discussion and another 30GB of b-roll that may be made public at a later date.

Here's some of what we made: