LA Funk Project

I wouldn't normally do this, but because it's the only really good and relatively recent example of me playing as a drummer, I will include a few tracks recorded from a single rehearsal I did in Los Angeles a couple years ago to potentially create a new band. The rehearsal went great, but I really didn't have time to follow-up and commit real effort to starting the project... And then I moved... So nothing ever actually came of any of this. Glad I recorded it though.

The Chicken (Jaco Pastorius)

Blue BossaSamba (Kenny Dorham)

Shake Your Money-maker (Elmore James)

The Thrill is Gone (B.B. King)

Other than my buddy Bastien Benkhelil on Keys, John Snoke on Guitar and Caitlin Hill on vocals, the horns and bassists rotated in and out and, to be quite honest, I can't remember their names now.

Also, I know it's not all funk... I wanted to see what the people I brought in were capable of (since, outside of Bastien, I'd never met any of the other musicians before... Let's hear it for Craigslist in Los Angeles!), so we tried a bunch of different material - some latin, jump-blues/swing, blues and funk. In my experience, that's the best way to find out if you have a potentially good crew.

Final disclaimer though: This is literally the very first time any of us had met or played music together, and thus this is an entirely unfinished, spontaneous product... Flaws & all.


Idiom Quartet: Selections

For a few years I ran a jazz quartet in and around Lincoln, NE as a vibraphonist. Mostly we played martini bars and corporatey-type gigs, but we played a few nights a week for a while, and it was a ton of fun and a little bit of extra cash for me and the guys I played with. The following are some selected recordings from those years.

[To be filled in soon]



Vibraphone - Me.
Flute - Michael Reichman
Bass - Bill Catlett
Drums - Ben Shellhaus/Tony Hillhouse

Masters Recital: Live!

My Masters recital had two parts, the first was a showcase of films I had scored, and the second was supposed to be "concert music". I, however, opted to do four jazz pieces and get together a sextet to put it on.


Some Kind of Blues


Crystalline Alloy


Composer/Vibraphone - Me.
Guitar - Mike Moreno
Piano -Kris Nolte
Saxophone/Flute - Matthew Steckler
Bass - Paul Steinbeck
Drums - Sam Levin


Hammertime & Daily Caller Music

This is all the music I wrote for my Hammertime series with Mary Katharine Ham. This was one of the more fun and creative things I've gotten to do, since MKH was always challenging me to do interesting things. I'm also adding in some other music I wrote for Daily Caller projects.

How FourLoko Became Ethanol

The New MF Tone!

Japan Needs Your Help

Peep Didn't Start the Fire

Right Now

The More You Know

Debate Promo

The Real ATM

Mustache Talk (with John Bolton)

Road Trip

At the end of 2009, my brother and I took a road trip together in my car from Portland, Oregon back down to my home in Hollywood. I created a video from video & photography taken from the trip down the West Coast. I also wrote some music for that video attempting to capture - in a fun and whimsical way - some of the essence of the places we visited.

Rock Highway

San Francisco Shuffle

Vignette: In which Lucky falls off a cliff and Andy saves the day


Institute for Justice

A couple years ago, I did a lot of work as a composer for the Institute for Justice. To this day, I'm more proud of contributing to some of those projects than I am of anything else I've done. Everyone should be familiar with their work in protecting American citizens against government abuses.

Saving Lives: Challenging the Ban on Compensating Bone Marrow Donors (YouTube)

Teaching is Not a Crime: Challenging Virginia's Unconstitutional Regulation of Yoga Teacher Training (YouTube)

Policing for Profit: the Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture - Alt. Version (YouTube)

Kelo: 5 Years Later (YouTube)


Minnesota Small Farms

DC Tours (Ver. 1)

DC Tours (Ver. 2)


Here are some solo vibraphone performances of mine.

Blues for Gilbert (Mark Glentworth)

Recorded sometime around 2003-2004

The Soul (Austin Wintory)

Improvisation from April 30th, 2010

When I have particularly important internal moments, sometimes I like to do improvisations and occasionally I record them. This is one of those.

Improvisation for my Gradmother (Neva)

Another improvisation... From when my grandmother died.

Sarabande from Partita No. 2 for Violin by J.S. Bach... As played on vibraphone

More perhaps to come.