Lessons from SXSW: An Introduction

I was fortunate enough this year get to go to South by Southwest for work, and as it seems is usually the case with the event, I crammed an enormous amount of activity into about 4 days. In order to maximize the value I got out of the experience, I took notes (and photographs) at virtually every panel, event, and film screening I attended.

These events were, in order:

  1. Life Automation for Entrepreneurs
  2. The Emotional Language of Film with Skywalker Sound
  3. Premiere: "Chef"
    -- written & directed by Jon Favreau
  4. Narrative Shorts 1
  5. Documentary Shorts 1
  6. Premiere: "Space Station 76"
    -- written & directed by Jack Plotnick
  7. Austin Nightlife: The Broken Spoke & Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon
  8. Keynote: Jason Blum of Blumhouse Pictures
  9. A Conversation with Jon Favreau
  10. 5 Lessons from Movie Studios on How to Market Your Movie
  11. Deliverables Today
  12. Film & interactive Pary
  13. If Content is King, Who is Sheriff?
  14. A Conversation with Nicolas Cage
  15. Premiere: "A Night in Old Mexico"
    -- written by William D. Wittliff, directed by Emilio Aragón
  16. Premiere: "Doc of the Dead"
    -- directed by Alexandre O. Philippe
  17. How Crowdfunding Killed Hollywood with Adam Carolla
  18. Music Videos Program 1

A lot of the events I attended were filmed and will no doubt find a home on the internet in the coming weeks, but the lessons I took from SXSW are my own, so I figured that it would be worth copying my notes and sharing them here. It's a good way to keep my own records and maybe create some value for others as well.

Eventually, I might go back and upload music composition and orchestration notes from my years at NYU in graduate school and notes on music, film, writing and other creative pursuits from other conferences. 

With that said, I'm going to break this up into separate blogs to keep the notes easy to find. Check it out.